07 Sep
04:00 PM

A letter from Incca Rasmusson

Dear colleagues and interested friends,

The Eurhythmics Dalcroze program of the KMH in Stockholm is back on our world map!
Some of us certainly remember during ICDS 1 in Coventry when our colleagues from Stockholm told us the bitter news that the Eurhythmics program would be suspended. We discussed the situation and wrote a letter of support (followed by more letters of support later). Some of us also visited Stockholm and tried to argue in favor of Eurhythmics/Dalcroze and its value especially in music education but also for society in general.
Please read the thrilling news of Incca Rasmusson, director of studies, in her letter below.  I think her letter is proof of our international feelings of caring and solidarity. 
Hoping that Eurhythmics and FIER will continue to grow,
Paul Hille,
Dear friends in Dalcroze Eurhythmics,

a few minutes before I go on vacation, for a lovely summer holiday at the countryside, I want to address you all,
and thank you for your support during our dreary years without our Eurhythmic Education here in Stockholm.
As you might have heard through my dear colleges or over Facebook – or not – we will get our Eurthythmic Emphasis back on the
Music Teacher Program, most likely with our first students autumn 2019. 
It has been of great help, keeping our spirit up meeting you all at conferences.
It has been a great help that some of you visiting us here in Stockholm. 
I am looking forward for us exchanging students and teachers again in a year or two through Erasmus.
So thank you – and I wish you the most wonderful summer!
Until next time,
Our Head of Department ph. dr. Per-Henrik Holgersson has been a major forespoker for
our subject and has worked hard for this, and so also our new professor in Music Education ph. dr Erkki Huovinen.
Incca Rasmusson
Ph. Master in Music Education
Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Solfège, Choir Methodology
Director of Studies
Department of Music Education

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