Eurhythmics Teachers

This page contains the list of Eurhythmics teachers who teach regularly in the context of professional eurhythmics training and/or University artistic curricula. Their qualifications are diverse: most frequently teachers have eurhythmics qualifications, with or without the mention of the name Jaques-Dalcroze, and occasionally, the doctorate. The profile of each teacher featured on this page contains detailed information about his or her qualifications, within or outside of the Dalcroze context.

The Eurhythmics teachers whose profiles you will find on this page work internationally, train students and/or are involved in research pertaining to Eurhythmics.
Les professeurs de Rythmique dont vous trouverez le profil sur cette page, ont une activité internationale, forment des étudiants et/ou exercent dans le domaine de la recherche axée sur la Rythmique.

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