In memoriam – Lisa Parker

Recently, I received the message that Lisa Parker passed away October 7, 2022. – She was a wonderful teacher, musician, human being, and friend – a charismatic person overall. Her love and compassion were always present and her inspired teaching was filled with music. – I treasure my memories of the wonderful summers at Longy in Boston, cooking and playing music after the day’s teaching was finished. I will miss her and will always be grateful for our shared times and work together. Lisa Parker received her training at the New York Dalcroze School under Dr. Hilda Schuster, and earned her Diplome Supérieur at the IJD in Geneva in 1965. She has trained countless Dalcroze teachers from North America and Asia and her lifelong dedication to Eurhythmics has been an inspiration. Her teaching has influenced numerous students and colleagues in the United States and worldwide. For many of us she will remain in our hearts and thoughts. Fabian Bautz, October 2022.

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